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Our Therapy Team

Our team was hand selected by our CEO Christina Hankins.  She looks for her team to inspire, encourage, and push our patients to be the very best that they can be.  The culture created in love and meeting people where they are, creates a fantastic environment for each of our patients to feel supported and cared for.  This team loves their patients, and it shows.

Administrative Team

Inspiration.  Compassion.  Dedication. 

Our administrative team strives to connect with every patient and support them along their therapy journey.  They treat each patient with kindness and strive for 100% satisfaction with their customer service.  They work hard to communicate transparently, and help every patient create the best plan for their schedule and also their family.  At Lymphwell our patients are like family, and our office staff makes sure they feel like it.


Austin - 512.665.3288

Fax - 888.701.5165

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