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We proudly serve the Round Rock community to offer individual, specialized, and customed treatment plans. We are passionate in providing best practice standards for comprehensive edema or lymphedema management.

Lymphwell ensures returning our patients independence with first class training and commitment to high-quality patient care.


Christina R. Hankins

Christina Hankins graduated from Texas State University with Honors in 2000 and with a Masters of Physical Therapy in 2003. Creating well over 17 years of excellence, she is our Certified Wound Care Therapist & Lymphedema Specialist.


She has become an increasing influence in her practice as a teacher at the Norton school of Lymphatic Therapy since 2012 & Chikly Health Institute in 2012.


Her specialty is in Lymphedema but her practice includes; 

Respiratory, Developmental, Rehabilitative and Restorative Service / Physical Therapist. In 2012 she founded the medical group CRH Healing Connections.

In 2014, she founded Lymphwell in Round Rock, TX where she works out of Hamilton Vein Center. Mrs. Hankins has continuously and tirelessly

worked to offer beyond routine Physical Therapy. She is committed to every patient to receive quality care. And she believes in moving along with the patient even so to work with other physicians to make a patients full recovery.

Mrs. Hankins offers patient and first-class long term care that is highlighted by her 

communication skills. Her solid background and the initiative she exemplifies to lead her field of study is a key point in over her 14 years of excellence.


We strive to develop and implement Comprehensive Decongestive Treatment (CDT) programs for patients with Lymphedema, including procedures and therapies. Our pricing is adjustable based on cost analysis and current Medicare criteria. 

We will create protocols for collaboration between the vein and Lymphedema teams to treat phlebolymph patients.

We are the only integrated Vein Center in the Austin area that provides thorough treatment for the management of edema.

Wound Care Therapist 



17 years of excellence